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When I last painted my front door, I chose a colour that I like to call persimmon; really it is a deep orange.
Actually I chose the colour for the other half of the semi I live in when I listed it for sale, and I liked it so much I painted my own front door, back door, and the pocket doors in my living room with it.  
Long ago someone told me that to get the most money when selling your house, you should paint your front door yellow. I have always found this to be a suspect piece of advice. It’s not that I am against a yellow door; it's just that when I see one it never convinces me that the house is worth more money. This month I decided to do a bit of investigating and just see what the internet has to say about the possible meaning of different front door colours. 
Well, the web is full of information on this topic. There is information on the Feng Shui colours that you should choose, based on the direction your door faces. This is considered important because your front door is the gateway to the universal energy, but this was not the route I was really looking to take.  
There are also multiple colour charts that help you choose your colour based on the other colours on your house—the siding, the trim, window frames. Again, not really what I wanted. I wanted to know what the colour of your front door might reveal about you to a passerby. And then I found this list. It may be a little quirky, but I found it amusing and interesting, and I hope you will, too.
  • Purple is linked to sophistication, but beware:  too bright a shade can quickly turn from sophisticated to garish!
  • Orange apparently can say cheap or weird. I kind of felt like deleting the introduction to this newsletter where I tell you my front door colour when I read that! I was only sightly mollified when I read on to see that it can also be the perfect touch for your one-of-a-kind style. That's more like it!!
  • White can send the message that you are a neat freak and may cause visitors to feel nervous about making a mess.
  • Yellow—no mention of it making you wealthy, but it is linked with optimism and extroverts. People expect a sunny and welcoming interior. 
  • Blue is linked to calmness and trust.
  • Some of the research I did claimed that green is one of the best-selling front door colours, and is associated with prosperity and wealth. It has a flip side of being linked to nature, serenity, and peace. Unlike with purple, you should aim for a more vivid green, as anything too neutral could seem bland.
  • Black is perceived as stately, formal, and elegant. With the recent trend to grey exteriors, we are seeing a lot of black doors.
  • Reds can be lucky or seen as vibrant or exciting. Go-getters live behind red doors (perhaps I should just start calling my front door red!).
  • Brown is practical, but you need to be careful you choose a light shade or you might be going over into the realm of humourless.
Well, that seems to cover the spectrum. If I missed a colour, let me know and I can tell you if it’s telling passersby what you want them to think about you. 



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